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My son 26 years old avm rupture

feb 27 2013 my son dan had a avm rupture on his left side of his brain its been 11 months and he has full left arm back about 20 percent of his left leg and getting stronger .he has moved his right arm but did not know he did.he has all feeling on his right side and is starting to talk he is allways happy I was just wondering if he will get the use of his right side back if he can feel everything please let me know if anyone else has gone threw the same thing thank you all and god bless

Hi richdakota63. No one can predict the future. However, many of us found improvement years after our bleeds. Your son will be on my prayer list!

thank you and my prayers are with you

Hi richdakota63 and kudos to you for the caring dad that you are! I concur with Barbara's comment for my 1st AVM burst in May 2011 and I am still recovering albeit at a slow rate but the cognitive improvement helps me deal with the physical limitations. God bless your son, your family and you!


I cannot tell you if you son will gain his right side back. I however can relate. I am 23 and i lost use of my right side when i suffered a haemorrhage, this was when i was 16, years on I can tell you that i have full use of my right side again and my speech is perfectly fine now. So there is hope.

I had rupture in 2010. Right side deficit. I now have about 40% feeling. For 2 1/2 yrs I was on very heavy meds for many ailments resulting from the stroke but I had plateaud. So I stopped all meds & started marijuana treatment. It has worked wonders. I Amarelis now self sufficient. Still walk with a cane but progressing everyday. When I started researching it I found out that there is a possibility that it could have reversed some of the brain damage if I had started taking weed sooner. But the feeling is starting to come back. Just remember to tell him never to stop trying cause it’s not when we say but when God says.