My "snazzy" shoes!

So my last blog was my little pity pit party. (Thanks again for all of the kind words and support.)

Maddysmom reminded me I had once told her that although I hope Maddy is not in my shoes in 20 years, that I thought they were pretty snazzy anyways. Thanks for the reminder! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, and I dont’ “want” it per se, but I do think I am a better person for having this, learning about life, meeting wonderful people, etc.

So in the spirit of my snazzy shoes…I bought a new pair! What??? A girl can never have enough.

Thanks Sheri for reminding me that all I need to get out of my pity pit, is a new snazzy pair of high heels to help me climb out!

Haha. Great post.

WooHoo very snazzy :wink:

Shalon, You have to be related to me. You are attractive. intelligent, brave, strong, have a spontaneous wit andFABULOUS shoes…

ha ha ha!!! Thanks marianne…it’s like we are twins!!! :slight_smile:

Ooh…they certainly are snazzy! I would fall over in them! lol

Hey there thanks for the welcome. Reguards to the lop sided smile. They are sure its down to the blood clot thats in the area the AVm was. So once that has gone right down it should come back to life. But they did warn me before i had the op. ThaSo there is a chance it will stay like it.