My sister is showing progress

Well as you guys know my sister bleed was on Aug 28th. She has been in a induced coma since… Today they did her MRI and every came out good not bad damage nothing she can not recover from. They have removed 80% of her sedation. Today her husband called me and gave me the good news about the MRI and also said she has been moving her arms alot and mouth. Something that we are not use to seeing since her bleed. Today is his birthday and i told him last night he would get good news. I am so excited for her to wake up very soon… My question is, when she wakes up of course we would have to explain to her but a few days later her husband my mom and i will have a meeting with the surgeons to discuss her operations because her avm can be removed thru surgery, what questions should i ask? I want to make sure i asked everything…

YAY…Oh Nina…this is such good news!! Super Hurrah! The most important question to ask the doctor is how many AVMs has he/she treated? AVMs are so rare. Please keep us posted!!

Those are good news, regarding questions how long the recovery on your sister case? If what are the chances the surgery can cause any damages to the other organs? If she will need to be on medications after the surgery and therapy?..
Good luck my friend this is gonna be a new journey for all of you.

Congratulations on the good news! Another question for the surgeons is what possible deficits could your sister have after the surgery? Best of luck to your sister!

This is wonderful news and I’m so glad to hear the update!! I agree with everyone else on what to ask the surgeon. Don’t be afraid to ask alot of questions! Be positive & my thoughts and prayers are with you! Please yes keep us posted! :slight_smile:

That is great news, Kneemah. Barbara is right…ask the Doctor how many AVM surgeries he has been successful with. If he hasn’t explained what you feel is very successful, get second, third, even four opinions until you feel your sister has the best! What Anabel and Trish said are great questions to ask the Doctor. Please let us know how the meeting when…in the meantime…Keep the Faith!

She woke up today… So exciting… She responds to commands and moves both arms and legs… :::all smiles:::

thanks everyone… She woke up today and boy were we all excited. She is responding to commands and is moving her legs and arms… She looks great… they are hoping to take her off the ventilator friday. I cant wait to sit with the Gods and ask questions. Esp now that ive learned so much about AVM’s… Ill keep everyone posted…


Hi Kneenah, I’m so very happy to hear of your sister’s progress - my prayers have been answered :)))!!! All the questions that everyone has suggested is what I would also focus on and please don’t hesitate to ask any question that should pop into your head. It would also be a good idea to have someone take good notes while you are talking with the doctors. It’s hard to remember everything they say.

Please continue to keep us posted !!!