My running is weird

So about a month ago I asked my Dr if I could run and start working out again, and he said yes. He told me I needed to keep it slow of course. Since I started running my feet fall asleep which is so weird. I don't know what to expect anymore. I honestly hate it. I thought your leg or your arm would fall asleep if you were laying on it. Never thought in a million years as I run my foot would or both would fall asleep on me. I try to continue my run but my feet hurt so bad I can't. Did anybody go through something as weird as that.

Hi Veronica,
Does your dr. know about this new symptom when running???
To be safe, have it checked out by your drs., then possibly try walking instead.
I used to LOVE aerobic walking, but can no longer do it bc of left-sided numbness & pain, so can relate w/ the frustration.
Take care.

Hi Veronica, My legs would hurt and get numb at night. I was awaken constantly with leg and ankle pains. Let your Dr. know about this.