My Recent AVM Check - Great News

I had a wonderful yearly check up at the doctor this morning! My CT Scan on my brain came back, and everything is doing what it is suppose to do. I was able to see my surgeon who is AWESOME! I may not have to see the doctor for another 2 years :).

It is amazing how God can allow you to go through something, and at the time you don't see the blessing or anointing on your life. There are days when
I am not sure of where God is leading me in life, but I know that if I trust HIM things will be fine. What I found to be more interesting was that while I'm thinking about how blessed I am to have a WONDERFUL team of doctors, they are telling me how awesome it is to see me up and moving. I am over here thinking that I was simply a patient, and thanking God for blessing me with the number one surgeon in the world for the removal of AVMs. Ultimately, it is GOD WHO RECEIVES THE PRAISE b/c he provided them with the ability to have the skill to help me get better.