My Procedure

I had my radiation procedure yesterday. All went well and I'll be returning to the hospital in 6 months for them to first check-up on the closure of my AVM and to monitor for any signs of cerebral necrosis; which due to the size (3.1 cc) and position (Basal Ganglia) is between 17% and 22%. As for immediate side effects, I only had a bit of nausea and a headache. I was told that I would continue to have headaches for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

However, this morning I don´t have a headache at all. The only pain I have is when I sneeze or cough. Also there are no signs of nausea or anything else. So, I´m pretty happy right now.

Congradulations! I had my 6 month check up in January and mine had shrunk a little. Stay positive!

I'm happy for you that it went well. It's possible you may not have anymore headaches. When I had mine done, I only a headache for a day or two and that was it.


congrats! :slight_smile: thats awesome! hope all goes well for you! :slight_smile: