My neurosurgeon wants to treat my brain avm with linear accelerator-based (LINAC) radiosurgery. Has anyone had this treatment before?

I just joined this site. I know Ill have more questions in the future. Just curious about this treatment. My brain avm is too deep in my head cut out. I don't have my September third angiogram results handy. I dislike the fact that Ill have to have another angiogram again soon for this treatment. I was told I have one of the top neurosurgeons for avms, but I am still so scared.

Tina, Dr. Rosenwasser is a great choice -- if you type his name in the search box at the upper right, you will see many members are patients of his.

About the radiosurgery, you may wish to join our Radiosurgery group to look at past discussions and comments:

You can also take a look at this LINAC search to see which members you may want to connect with:

Best wishes!

Thank you for your response :) Ill check out the links.

Hello Tina, I had radio- surgery this Wednesday, it’s been only three days and I’m feeling better than I’ve imagined. I’m only taking Decadron to prevent inflamation. No need for pain killers. My Dr was not able to due embo neither craniotomy due to the proximity to my motor system so Linac was my best option. Don’t be scared talk to your Dr to see was best for you. Let’s see how this goes for both of us, trying to beAvm free someday. If you need something from me let me know. Best wishes, Joha!

Welcome! You have friends here. Please keep us posted on how your situation developes--bless you!

Im glad your feeling better after the surgery. Where did you get it done? My doctor has not set up a date for the treatment... I have to wait for the nuro surgeon and the radiologist to have free dates. Plus I have to be free. Eug. Did you have to get another aerogram? I just had one and i was told that they would do another right before the treatment. If they are not done at the same time, I wounder why they have to do it again. I am not planning on having kids soon, but how long after the treatment do you have to wait to try?

Thank you for the welcome :)