My myopro got approved!

I’m psyched you guys!! My Medicare advantage plan did indeed aprove my Myomopro that I had previously posted about!! ( robot arm device) I barely got the call from Medicare plan on Thursday with the good news so now I gotta wait for the fitting process and then learn how to use it in OT with the ultimate goal to regain full use of my affected left arm and hand. (my ots are getting training to teach me how to use it so I regain full use of my arm and hand)
I will repost their website in case any of you guys are interested


Wow! That is so exciting!

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Awesome. I can’t wait to hear how it goes! John

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That’s awesome! Very happy for you…

Question - how much use of your arm and hand do you have right now? I have had a minor tremor in it but never pursued any treatment because I didn’t think there was anything that insurance would pay for. My problems earlier this year have made it much more of a problem and my ability to use my left arm and hand are significantly impacted, a lot worse than they were a year ago. I would say that my left arm etc. are at about 30 to 50% of what they were a few years ago and close to 75% off from what they were when I played golf in high school and college. I had a 250 yd average drive in high school and since this, if I’m at 150-175 yds, that’s pretty generous.

Is it worth making the call and exploring it now or do I have it too good for now?

It’s amazing what they are doing in terms of medical technology…

Thank you and cheers!


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Right now I can only lift my arm on command every now and then and hold an object without dropping it but in OT they put this glove thing to do repetition exercises just incase so I get the benefit and not drop a weight or ball for example. And I can also only pinch like when pressing a clothespin. I forgot what it’s called but it’s a device they have to measure your grip and I have acquired a more strengthened grip over the 4 years I have been in OT. Aside from that, my left hand & arm are useless. If I want to carry something I have to use both arms just so I don’t end up dropping it. So if you ask me, the use of my left limb is minimal but better than the absolute nothing I started out with :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve put a couple links below. Worth watching for sure. Trevor was a childhood friend of mine, I haven’t seen him in a long time but recently had a great visit with his dad. A couple things in here make me cringe a little, but definitely shows the potential of the brain to recover. The second link is emerging technology that is amazing as well.

I thought it was a great time wth Teiry’s fantastic news to show other new technology and another never give up attitude.


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Omg!! I never thought the tongue would have that potential and be that helpful!! Your friend is such an inspiration and what happened to him certainly isn’t fair!! Who would think a poor shepherd boy would be so cruel. I hope he’s still aiming high and from what I saw he’s become an inspiration to many people. Such an honor!! :muscle:t3: Ultimately you’re right, the human brain fights to live and compensates using healthy tissue until the damage is healed or by then you might already do everything with another part of the brain. Pretty cool if you ask me :o)