My License has arrived!

2 years on from the surgery and finally allowed to drive. just shows with visual field defect im far more safer than the oldies. lol. been a long struggle but im there and its a very happy day indeed!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Freedom! You must be thrilled! lol

Be safe. …I’ll bewaiting for a ride…

congratulations…simon…enjoy the crusing

Congratulations. Post a pic from your first road trip with your new license.

im jealous i most say thats the thing i miss the most and it’s only been a month since they took it but enjoy it!!!

its so great to see you so excited,congrats!!! feels good to get past another step!!

Simon thats is truly great news…:slight_smile:

Hi Simon, That’s brilliant news. I think I’m in the same boat you were. My avm bled at the beginning of the year, and I lost my lower left visual field, therefore no driving now, Bummer! It seems to be marginally improving. I had my last eye appoinment last week and the doc says the my left eye is getting a lot better, but the visual field cut is still there. Did yours take a long time to come back gradually? It would be nice to get an opinion from someone who was in the same situation I am. Did the dvla do a full eye assessment for you, or just a driving assessment? Thanks! Ali