My Job + My Career

Really worried. My employers have been amazing and accommodated me really well but unless my movement drastically improves in my arm and hand I’m looking at having to look for something else.

Anyone else had the same issues? How can I help make my hand better?

What kind of work do you do?

Hi Neil - are you getting any physio on your hand ? Is there a Stroke rehab group where you are in Glasgow. I'm getting rehab from the Brain Injury Team at my local hospital and its helping

What happened? Did you have a stroke or an operation? If you had a stroke you need rehab. If you had an operation it could take time and rehab with a physio.

I understand how you feel. I’m working on my hand too. You can do some simple arm exercises like lifting weights repitively. It should help :slight_smile: all the best x

AVM bleed last August, left sided hemiparesis( spelling) leg is really good and with an AFO my walking is great. My arm is okay but my hand is rubbish. Cant flex at all. Just trying to work through the pain to do more.
I’m seeing a Neuro Physio’ on the NHS but its once in a blue moon.

I’ve heard people talk about SaeboFlex and other splints. Any thoughts on these?

I have been Rn for 20 plus years, I was recently fired from new office position as I simply was unable to ‘remember’ multiple computer programs.i personally do not want to do actual pt care in hospital or home health as the hours are very long and it is very stressful, someone’s life can depend on me ’ remembering’. To do something etc .

Hi Neil, Sorry to hear this, I too am in Glasgow and assume that your visiting the Southern General. Obviously ask them if there are anything more you can do if you haven't already. Also what is your occupation at the moment ?. That way we will know better what your physical requirements are. Hope you get better soon :) . Take care oh and also can you let me know how long you had to wait before your surgery ? (I've been referred to Mr St George and have been waiting now 8 weeks) Cheers.