My Inspiration

Hello everyone, My name is Ken and Sharon is my wife. I just want you all to know how she has touched my life. I find my strength in her determination. I see first hand what she goes thru and have been on the receiving end of the “bad experiences”. I long for the day when she is “cured” and can pursue her dreams and at the same time appreciate what we go through because I truly believe that you can not be closer to a person until you live the " for better or worse" part of the vow. I love Sharon and I am by her side no matter what. Not to mention her personal nurses aide, respiratory therapist, counselor and friend. Happy holidays to everyone and I hope that everyone has the support system to carry them through the trials and challenges that our conditions come with. Love to all of you, you are all exceptional human beings and an inspiration to the rest of us.

Hello Ken. Sharon IS fabulous, you must be pretty cool yourself…love and friend-the two most important ingredients in any relationsip. Yep-you are exceptional!! To you and Sharon and all the parts that make you whole, individually and together, CHEERS!!!

Best wishes to you Ken and Sharon, Merry Christmas.

What a thoughtful message. Happy holidays to you and your family, Ken.


i agree with that one…may you and sharon enjoy your lives together…and all your dreams come true…love and best wishes to you both xxxx