My husband! HELP!

Ok I have had an active avm since the age of 12 and I am now 23 will be 24 in June. My husband is very protective of me when it comes to my limitations. We dont do alot of things that can cause my avm to have another episode. He is really curious about how this works. Ive tried having my new doctor explain to him about what it really is but half the time they dont even know what the hell they are talking about because they are military doctors. My husband leaves for deployment in July and I am hoping that I can get him to not worry so much about it. I know when he is gone he is going to be scared that it might happen again. But we have talked to his command and explained the seriousness about all of this and they have reassured him that if that happens all my family has to do is send a red cross message and he is on the next flight home. But that will not help him understand that I will be in the best care possible. I still have motor skill problems til this day. I am not that strong on my left side and again like I said he worries. What can I do to help him understand????

Have him join this site and talk with other spouses or care takers etc and he can ask anything and everything he wants to actually people who deal with the actual situtations. So there is no bull crap from drs its from people living with it everyday or have lived with it and are better. i hope this helps a little bit :) there is a sub group on here i do believe.

Hi Kristina! I encourage you to try to attend the local "meet up" on March 10th, where you can meet some incredibly great people who understand what you're going through. If you can't make it or it is too far, let me know and we can put together a meet up closer to you. It might help if your husband meets some of the "survivors" and their spouses as well.

Hi Kristina. My Great-grandfather…Grandfather… Father…Uncle…multiple cousins served in the military! Oh and my Mother was a Navy Nurse! I will be happy to answer any questions your husband has about AVMs!

Thank you all for your advice. I will talk to my husband about the meet up. and I will also see if my husband would want to join this site.

Kristena..My first thought was that your husband should join this Network so that he can ask as many questions as he wants to...While we aren't doctors, we will provide him with good information and great support.

I will talk to my husband about everything. Looks like we will not be able to go to the meet up in LA oh wells… maybe next time we can have one near San Diego. I would really love to have it before he deploys in July. I really need him to feel comfortable with the fact I will be around family and they know how to take care of me if something happens( god forbid ).