My Hospital

When I collapsed with my AVM, and cerebral bleed from same, I had no idea that
I had an AVM, or even that I was at risk for a bleed. When it came I collapsed at home, and was found by my daughter who called an ambulance for me, and they sought to take me to the nearest hospital, but that day there was no room for me there and so I
was sent to a smaller hospital in a small city in a more rural setting. Would I get as good care there? That was what my wife worried about, but for the time being I was beyond worrying about anything and that was a good thing, I guess!

Yes, it was a smaller hospital, but there was a doctor there who had done many a
craniotomy in his time and he was very comfortable with doing one on me. They waited for the swelling in my brain to go down and then they did an eight hour operation to save my life.

Although it was weeks before I was to get to return home, and some time before I was back close to being 100% of what I once was, in time I did recover. The little hospital and the backwater facilities and hospital workers did fine for me and were part of the story of my survival.

Sometimes what appears to be bad news can actually be good news. When later I returned
to the little hospital, I expected to have some memories of the time and place, but no
it was like I had never been there before. No memories, but maybe that also is a good thing!

It goes to show that God is everywhere and it was meant to be…good to hear your doing well and that the hospital did the right thing by you as I also love the hospital I went to and think the staff need to be paid more for their work…God bless!


Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the community; it's wonderful to hear that people can get excellent care and recover even in a smaller hospital!

Hi John, I agree with Adrian, I believe God orchestraed you going to that hospital for the life saving treatment you received from an incredible medical staff so you could one day share your story with so many AVMsurvivors. Keep sharing!

Thanks to Adrian, and Shirasaya, and Curt!

And to those who say that God brought it all to pass, yes I agree.