My head hurts

And I need a vacation. I’m tired. I need to figure out a way to manage these headaches. I wonder what its like to not have a constant headache…hmmmm…I can deal with them most of the time, but they sometimes get sooo soo bad, and I have kids at home all day so I can’t just stop and deal with it. I still have to go about my day. Its exhausting. I’m just so tired. I’m very lucky that my husband will help me out when I need it even after working all day long. He’s the best.

On a side note… My hubby is in the Navy. Well, he has to inform his new chief of my condition so that he knows why my hubby will be requesting days off. He hasn’t told him yet, he said that the guy is a bit of a jerk and he’s scared that when he tells him the guy will respond with something obnoxious and my hubby is scared the he will instictively punch him! I told him that its probably not a good idea to punch him, but he should probably fill him in on whats going on. =)

I agree, it’s probably best that your hubby doesn’t punch his superior officer! lol You are right though, he should apprise him of the situation.

Has your doctor given you any medication to help with the headache pain? I’m on Avinza 180mg per day to preventr pain and hydromorphone to take care of breakout pain. I’m having a tough couple of days with these headaches too…I just took two hydromorphones.