MY HAIR! Or lack there of

To today I decided to put my hair back with a headband because its finally long enough to do so and I discovered that I have this bald spot, well sort of. Its not completely bald but it doesn’t have nearly as much hair as the rest of my scalp does. Its kind of funny because it’s perfectly round directly over one of the round plates that’s holding my skull together. You can’t notice it when my hair is down because the way my hairline is shaped naturally. My hair parts in a 1/3 2/3 kind of way (I have a cowlick over the right side of my bang line). But when I pulled it back for the first time today I was surprised to notice it! Its kind of a coincidence that that particular spot where the balding is is also where my scalp has always been tender since my surgery. You can also feel the rivets that hold the plate on to my skull from there. It makes me wonder if the material that they used in making the plate makes me not grow the hair appropriately. I know I’ll have to have my fiance check the rest of my left temple line for the second plate to see if there is another bald spot over that one. I’m lucky to have enough hair that I don’t have to worry about 1-2 silver dollar sized baldish (is that a word?) spots on my scalp. I just surprised the heck out of me! :slight_smile:

i remember a month after my radiation being in the bathroom putting my hair half up and i noticed a chunk missing. I was crying mostly cause i specifically asked my doctor if i would lose any and he said no with no doubt. Needless to say he was wrong and it only took 6 months or so to come in enough not to see it. Where i could put up my hair and it looked ok. It could have been worse but with everything happening it just killed me then. I do recall being in the shower and clumps falling out but still didn’t see that coming lol. Its now been over 2 years and its just as long as the rest of my hair. So i know exactly how you are feeling. But it could always be worse right

I’ve never been the kind of guy that was worried about losing hair. Just about every guy in my family has plenty of hair. Both of my grandfathers, one in his 80’s and the other in his late 70’s, have quite a bit of hair for guys their age. The same can be said for my uncles and cousins, and I have always been the kind of guy that would have barbers making jokes about how I had so much hair that I was going to dull their scissors. Well, that was before countless MRIs, brain surgery and ridiculous amounts of prescription medications. My hair has started falling out over the last few years, and it’s not your typical “male pattern baldness” type hair loss where there is a pattern to it, it’s more of an overall thinning. I have heard that other people on the site that have been taking Keppra have been losing haie, and my hair started falling out right around the same time that I started taking Keppra. Bummer. I guess if it gets bad enough, I’ll just shave my head and show off my fancy scar.