My guardian angels

I don't know if anyone will read this but i am mostly writing this for myself for when i am doing better in case i don't remember. While in and out of my coma and in a world of fantasy's every single day my grandfathers who have passed came to visit me, at first I thought it was my mind making them up like all the other stuff but they both told me things to pass on which i didn't know about. my mums father told me to tell her to stop cleaning his marker stone with the bottle brush because he is not there, I have since found out she does do this and that his ashes were scattered in the remembrance garden and not under his stone like i thought. my fathers dad also came to me and told me there were mice in the shed when i told my dad this he looked puzzled, smiled and said yes i think your right. for quite a while i was at war with the nurses in hospital and this is a terrible description but is the best way i can explain it, every day both my grandads would visit me and be like in the cartoons where you have a devil and angel on each shoulder telling you opposite things, one grandad would say behave and be nice to the nurses they are here to help you while my other grandad would say its not like you to just give up and take it make a noise and they will hear you. the day i left hospital I sat in the car and spoke out loud for them to talk to me again but I have never seen or heard from them since. many people say that they were there to watch over me while i was alone and now im home im safe and dont need them anymore, others say because i was so close to death i became more open to the other side, either way they were a great comfort to me in my time of need and I don't really care if it was all in my head because they did help me but i question how do I now know things that had not happened or that i did not know about either way there has to be more than this life and im comforted that i have 2 wonderful people who will be waiting for me when my time comes.

I too had talks with grandparents who had passed... hoever my conversations were during my cani! Come to find out, several months after my crani I was told I coded 2x on the table, if you get my drift? My Guardian Angels ere outside the realm of tis world.... butthey too had much information to offer me, along with directions on how to get back to this plane...... along with some other bits of information and instruction.However, I have met a few guardian angels in the Strangest places, They always provide very direct tidbits of advice in almost a singsong presentation!My point is; I think our guardian angels are with us every day here outside the hosital as well