My friend's AVM bleed

He was my best friend, that I met in the seventh grade in school.
We had much in common as to our interests, and hobbies, and we kept in
touch over the years. When I married he was my best man. One day when we
were older he told me about his brother in law who had recently died of
a cerebral bleed. Sad.

One day a couple years later I got a call from his sister, the one whose husband
had died that I was told about. His sister told me that my friend had suffered an AVM bleed, and had collapsed at home. By the time he was found, this was in 1996, he had passed away. I went to the funeral and talked to his parents. His mother was sad
because she knew she would now have no grand children ever. Her son, and
son-in-law had both died early.

We AVM patients who survived are the fortunate ones.


It’s hard to see sometimes but yes we are with the difficulties we need to overcome it’s still better than pushing up daisies.


It’s definitely hard some days. Dealing with residual symptoms every day that nobody understands is a lonely place to be. Being positive is harder some days than others, but it’s infinitely better than being in the dirt. I’ll take it, but I don’t have to like it every day.


I am so sorry to hear about these experiences. I hope you can look back at your friend with good memories and hope he rests in peace.
We sure are lucky, and to have each other, even luckier.
May we ge through these difficult times together!


Thanks to both of you. We have no choice but to be optimistic about
things since our AVM bleeds. I was taught that this life is not all that there is,
and I have seen nothing that disproves that to me. May God bring us to a better
place in his own time, and way.

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You are so right it is hard to know someone passed away when you both had such good times. We are lucky we are still alive, but we still feel the pain of losing someone who had the same disease/sickness as we have had. I know we have to get use to it but it doesn’t mean we can’t cry. Many blessings to you and please try and stay healthy.




That is a good way to look at it, J.

As most of us know, death is always a sad time, but REMEMBER, we will see them all, AGAIN, in The Next Life! Glory be!


Sad but also the harsh reality @John_P that we are fortunate to be here to share our stories… that is why i always mention to new members that there is 1) light at the end of the tunnel and 2) there is always someone out there much worse than you that we need to consider when we are down… God bless!