My Friend Frank

Frank and I were best friends since we met in the seventh grade at school. We had some interests in common and came from families that had known and been friendly with each other for many years. When I married, many years ago...Frank was my best man.

Time went by, and one day about 15 years ago I got a call from Frank's family. He had been found dead one morning when he failed to get up. The inquiry told us that he had died after suffering a cerebral bleed from an AVM. I went to the funeral and I was one of those who carried the casket to the gravesite.

Less than six years went by until I collapsed with my
own cerebral bleed...but I survived barely. An AVM is not caught like a cold, so why both of us? Did we see something
in each other, from the oncoming AVMs that made us friends?
If my daughter had not found me so quickly I know I would
have met the same fate back then.