My FIstula is Gone! But I am still hearing my heart beat!?

So Wed I went in to Stanford for my angio and embolism
I was glad to hear the part they left open had sealed itself off
But why I am still hearing my heart beat?
Any ideas?

Thank you

I think that is definitely one for the docs, Angela. I wouldn't care to speculate. Let us know if you learn more, okay?

Thank you I have an appt with a heart doctor mid June
They said they checked the arteries in my neck and had no stenosis and everything looked good. The part they left open closed on itself thankfully cause I would of needed a crainotomy which I was not looking forward.
Just wondering if people still hear things after the docs say everything is ok
I am still going to get my records cause there always seems to be things in there that I dont recall them telling me
Thank you