My first Yoga class

I tried a Yoga class last night. Over all, it went well and I really enjoyed it. I discovered I can't balance on one leg and I have no flexibility at all any more. LOL I only had two tremor episodes and they were in my arms. I don't think anyone noticed though. If they did, it doesn't bother me. Oh... My left leg went into tremors too, when I had to try to balance on it. I have trouble with that leg as it is. I was more concerned about my vertigo... I was able to work my way through that.

About an hour after the class, I had an odd feeling in my head. It felt like my pulse was racing. It's the only way I can describe it. This morning I woke up with one nasty headache. Considering I live with headaches anyway. I'm not putting much stock into it.

I have full intentions on going back to class next week. I have a good feeling that this may help me.

Hi Ben,
It's wonderful you found a healthy outlet you enjoyed! :)
If it continues to increase the headaches, maybe sit-down yoga would be an option?
Happy, HEALTHY 2013!

Congrats! Nice move.

Are you AVM-free? Either way, I agree with Patti G. in going into Child’s Pose or something or whatever your doctor recommends.

Thanks for the support. :)
Jules - No, I'm not. I have two small AVMs left. Dr...LOL I don't have one for the AVM. There are no neurologists in my area who know anything about them. And the surgeons only recommend I get another GK treatment. Which I refuse to do.

Patti - That's good advice. I may just have to stick to the sit-down poses. I'm ok with that. I like sitting down... ha ha

I'm glad you enjoyed yoga Ben. I love it! My balance is still not worth a darn but my flexibility is increasing all the time. There are blocks that you can use that may help with your stability when some poses. Just do what you can and I think you'll still see the benefits. And yes, child's pose is always good when you need to rest.

You'll end up loving Yoga, Ben! Keep going!

Hi Ben. I thought you would enjoy this video…

Barbara - Thanks for the video. Wow! Such an inspiring story. I suggest to all of my friends that you watch this. I had trouble pulling it up through the link (don't know why)so, I searched it myself and I got it. This is a must see.



I'll be looking for that book. Thanks. I had to snicker at your "ohm" comment --- I do chant that sometimes in a meditation... When I'm by myself that is. LOL I also have a cd of Ohm. It changes the whole vibration/atmosphere of the house. I can't listen to for very long though. I have a lot of Steven Halpern's cd's that I play every day. Inner Peace and Relaxation Suite are my favorites. It makes nice background music when I'm cleaning and doing things around the house. It even helps my 2 yr. old god-daughter to get calmed down. Ha Ha


I want to thank everyone again for all of the support and ideas you've given me. You have no idea how much that means to me... :)


Hey Ben,
According to this article (pg. 2) in Stroke Connection, you & others practicing yoga are onto something good!


What's the title of the book? I'm having a hard time searching for it by the author's name on the "Barnes & Noble" site..... Thank you

Thanks eileen, I appreciate it. I'm going to look for it.

Ben - The link below is pretty informative about what one should do in Yoga, meditation, etc. It makes a lot of sense what is suggested, as well. Also, in case you haven't already, you may just want to give your yoga instructor a heads up about your medical history. That way, in case anything were to happen, she is aware of your background. Ohmmm is right:-)


Thanks for the link. That's interesting. I have not told the instructor of my health situation. This is only a 3 week beginner's class. I think my friends and I are going to another instructor once this mini class is over.

You are right - once I establish who I'm going to study under,... It is best they she know of my condition. For now,... my two friends that I go with are aware of my problems.



One other thing -- I don't think I'm going to tell the instructor that I have an AVM. I'll just tell her about some of the problems I have and leave that out... for now. I've walked this road before.. when an instructor knew about my avm and then I got treated differently. We'll see - I'll play it by ear. :)

Hi Ben - this probably isn’t too timely, but…

When you do yoga, it releases some toxins from your muscles into your body.

Some people get sick when firs,t starting out; it’s really important to drink a lot of water to flush the junk out…it also wouldn’t hurt to take a multi’-vitamin and maybe B-Complex.