My first ink job ever and its commemorating my 1 year!

Absolutely love this!! The lady that did my tattoo just about cried with me when I told her of my avm rupture. My badge of survival and how i never stopped fighting .

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I absolutely love this! I was thinking of getting the same thing, well not exactly the same thing lol but something along the lines of a green butterfly, I used to be the girl who would pass out If I saw a needle, and now I’m superwoman and think that getting a tattoo would be nothing in comparison to the head pain I live with every day. Congratulations, it’s amazing


Its painful but honestly, not NEARLY as painful as when I had them bad 3 week long migraines and waking up after surgery with a tube sticking out of my head and a catheter in my “whoop whoop!” But, it’s my badge of survival and I’m gonna sport it proudly to let people know that as long as you don’t stop fighting, anything is possible! My opinion, get yourself one! Mine is about 4" and only cost me $60.


Hey Jeannine,
“…getting a tattoo would be nothing in comparison to the head pain…” I couldn’t agree more. I thought I knew pain… …Well, wasn’t I given an education. One I could have done without admittedly but after dealing with all of that no matter what the world throws at me I know I’m strong enough to deal with it all.
We are survivors, we will survive.

Hey Rallycatx,
Nice ink and a good way to commemorate your ‘coming out… …the other side’ :smile: to fight another day and it’s not like you could get a tattoo of '…a catheter in my “whoop whoop!” on your forearm, that’d cause just too many questions :smile: :smile: :smile:

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Merl, Rallycatx,

One of the first pieces of advice I got on this forum was

Thinking about that quote from Bill makes me laugh every time! (I’m not sure why we are having this conversation but I guess you have to laugh at something!)

@Rallycatx, I think the tattoo is a great way to celebrate survival: power to you! Rebirth is a good way to think about it, too!

Very best wishes



Hi Rallycatx,

I love the color & whimsy of your tattoo in combination of such a serious subject. Nice choice!

I’m thinking of getting a tattoo that would inform emergency personnel that I have an AVM and metal clips I’m my brain and cannot have an MRI. I have Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia resulting in new AVM formations. I’ve been diagnosed with 3 AVM’s thus far, two of which have been removed.
I feel it would be smart to have some permanent sign that will help emergency room doctors treat me appropriately if I am unable to speak for myself.

Do you, or anyone in this forum have any suggestions on what words to have written for my tattoo?

Thanks for your suggestions,