My first bleed

Its been a while since Ive been on this site, i've been extremely busy with my 3 children. On another note I had my first bleed may 12th, I cant remember anything thank god. its going on 2 weeks that I've been out the hospital and I actually was in there for 3 weeks. This has been the hardest situation i've ever had to deal with. my memory is horrible I cant remember yesterday but I could only remember things I get mad about lol, I cant carry my 8 month old son and my 2 daughters have been really emotional but thank god my husband has been there 100%. I will be having my avm removed sometime in july and hopefully I could put this behind me, my children need me 100% and Im trying so hard to be strong for them. Good bless you all xoxo

Gracia, Haveing a bleed is a hard thing to deal with! Alot of what you said I had problems with too. It gets better! one day at a time. During this journey, I learned that you can not judge the future from were you are today. It takes time to heal, but it will probably happen faster than you think! Be gentle on yourself! It is important you take the time you need to get better. If not it could prolong the process. In my journey I notice any kind of stress is/was a set back. That includes self induced stress. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery and your surgery! There are alot of people that care about you instantly. I found this to be a second family! When ever you need to talk, this is a great place to come! Remember to stay postive, relax, and keep moving what you can! hugs from far away!