My feeble return

Hi everyone,
I cut and pasted this from a note I just wrote to Teiry. (Probably bad etiquette)

It’s been a long time since I was on this site. To be honest, I’m writing you just because your name is familiar. That is one reason and the other is that I remember how positive you are.

I know it’s not fair to only reach out when it’s me that needs support. I had covid and 2 bad seizures (from epilepsy after AVM/2 craniotomies.

It’s taken the wind out of my sails and I’ve lost all the rhythm and most of the hope in my life. The 2 bad seizures landed me in the hospital and frighten the heck out of me. Maybe it triggered memories from all of the time I was in the hospital for the AVM operations. I have had a bad dream.

I am/was writing a book and embarking on a new career that would be less stressful than the law. I am proud that I succeeded in passing a semester of preliminary requirements.

Now I’m almost paralyzed about going forward with my book and next semester. I have a ton of self doubts.

By the way, the only concrete “advice” I can offer is to be grateful every day for what you do have. It can be gone in a heartbeat.

I know it’s not really fair to dump anything on you without even knowing how you’re doing. Sorry.



I don’t think it matters how you tell us that you’re in trouble. The bit that matters is that you tell someone and that someone is there to listen.

It’s good to hear from you. I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time at the moment. Tell me anything you need. If you’d rather talk in a private message, just say so. Otherwise, I’m here and I’m sure multiple people will listen and help in any way we can.

Sending you lots of love,



DickD, Thank you very much. That means a lot to me.

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That’s what we’re here for. To offer support

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I am grateful for that Gayilsmom.