My Father

Hi people. My father had a AVM in 2008. There was a ball of veins in the central part of his brain which burst. He apparently has had it from birth. The surgons could not operate and decided to use Gamma Knife. He Had a 2 yr check up in april and results are not good. The ball of veins has not got smaller and is still active. Papa has not disablities.. I have been reading that is the AVM is between 3-5cm them second treatment of Gamma knife is recommended.

Has anyone been in the same situation and can help me out. My Mother, Sister and me are very worried.


Chari (Wife’s) first proton beam radiation after 2 yrs showed no reduction in size either. The technology had improved enough that the Drs now thought they could do embolizations, so she had several of those, followed by a crani to remove the last of it. Her’s was about 5cm as well and deep.
We were told having a 2nd or even 3rd radiation was not unheard of.
For Proton Beam radiation (and I assume GK is similar), the radiation is supposed to toughen the vessels walls as well as shrink them. From a scan, I’m told you cannot tell if the vessel walls are tougher. So even tho the size is unchanged, the vessel walls might be tougher, hence less likely to bleed.
Best wishes,
Ron, KS