My experience and lifestyle,but what about your?

Hello, I’m Armando from Texas. This is the first time I post a discussion or even share my experience with others. I feel comfortable sharing it here because people have experienced the same situation or relate to it. I would like to share my experience and lifestyle and obtain a respond from you guys. Currently I’m 24years old. It’s been about 6 six years since I had the head surgery. I’m walking alive, married,have 5 year old son and expecting another baby late October. I feel normal, like if nothing happened. However, I bare a massive scar behind my head and suffered vision loss on my left eye. I’ve been trying to forget my experience, but it’s difficult to ignore when you have a scar to remind you and vision loss in one eye. I was living a perfect live my senior year in high school. I was an athlete since I can remember. I played baseball, track, football, went fishing, swimming, had a girlfriend that later became my wife. Everything was perfect for me. I was in good health condition. I went to monthly and yearly doctor visits and nothing ever came up. I was very health until my senior year , I collapsed in my bedroom. The only thing I remember is seeing cops on my room and paramedics questioning if I had consumed any drugs. Perhaps I looked too bad that they thought I was under the influence of narcotics. However, I was taken to the hospital, completed some tests and a discovered a bursted vein inside my head. A month later I was taken to the hospital of San Antonio to perform the surgery. I was released a month later. I was walking, talking, normal as before, but with a huge scar on my head and poor vision on my left eye. After this, I have never had complication of any kind. I was depressed for these years or perhaps still depressed. I went back to college and to test myself and know if I had any issues. But luckily, I obtained 4.00 GPA 3 semesters in a role. Felt good, and got a job to provide for my future wife and child. But that’s where the big problem started. Who was gonna hire a guy with a huge scar on his head and vision problems? I went through a lot of job interviews and none seem to give me a chance. Therefore, The caps became part of my daily tasks. I wear caps everywhere. I feel secure and confident with my cap. I been able to obtain good jobs and perform a normal lifestyle. I go out to the movies, fishing, cook outs, exercise and many more. But I’m limited to what I can to because of my vision. Playing sports is no longer a part of my life goals, especially baseball. So far life has been good, but I still believe I’m still depressed regardless of myself tell me I’m not. My goal right now is to be a successful business man, but still my scars hold me back from performing at my fullest. What are your lifestyle after the surgery? What jobs do you guys do? What goes on in your life after the surgery? What prevents you guys from reaching your goals? And what are you guys doing to achieve your goals? Thank you! Any responds will be greatly appreciated!

Things are difficult for those of us who have been through a terrible illness
and operation. You have your youth and power and energy, and you will improve
further with time.

I was older, and I was able to retire with a pension about three years after my
AVM and operation. I had a scar too, but mine was mostly covered up by my hair
and all I had to do was wear sun glasses which helped me fit in with others. I
have not had to do that in some years. Things did improve for me with time
and I got back very close to where I once had been.

My prayer for you is for a full recovery. Things can get better. Things will get better.