My dream of my first hospital visit with my AVM

I was in my first hospital for the removal of my AVM, and as you could imagine I was really
out of it. I have no memories at all of that time or place except for this dream. This was from a literal dream I had back in those days at my second hospital.

I was there, and my day nurse came to talk to me. I was being sent to another hospital where
I could continue improving since my painful 8 hour operation. She packed my few belongings, and
cried for me because I had suffered so much pain there. Then I was brought to the ambulance for
the transfer. The nurse was in my dream, but in it I never saw her face, or heard her name. Was she
a real person I dreamed of, or was she someone I made up to be in my dream? I will never know.

Then I was amazed to be brought to my ambulance. To me it was huge. All that to transfer me?
I was impressed. Then I arrived at my second hospital in another state. I continued to slowly improve
and to remember more. My wife would visit me there every few days.

I was surprised when I was one day released to go back home, and my wife picked me up in her car.
I had never been promised that I would ever see my home again, and I was very happy. I got to see my two nearly grown children, and our two dogs. My improvements multiplied quickly once I was home.


Very well written sir,

The last paragraph sounds very familiar to what I was feeling when I went into icu - nothing was promised at that point

Unlike most folk, I seem to recall everything - or very close to it

Nothing seemed like a dream - but, more like the strongest felt reality. I recall all of my nurses, MD’s & visits - all the way back to my rupture - including the nurse who brought me back out of the overdose I had in icu(I even remember her name)

I see it as a positive for myself - reality didn’t hit me this hard even when my son was born.

Let alone what else I seen that I have zero explanations for - well, none that we know amongst the living


Very moving story. Hope you continue to do well.

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You are blessed. I am looking forward to the day I can post a happy ending to my AVM. People like you 2 keep giving me hope.