My doctor has left

Anyone else had their doctor to leave the place they were seeing him? Is it hard to trust another doctor when it comes to this thing in your head? He has been my doctor since I was first diagnosed October 9,2012. I completely trusted him. He was working at two different hospitals in Jacksonville, so I understand why he had decided to work at just the one. I believe it is probably a childrens hospital but I am not sure. He has several doctors that were in his team, but I really felt comfortable with his decisions that he felt would be best for me. What if the next one wants to do something else? So far I have had 2 embolizations and 2 radiation treatments. My first doctor didn't feel it would be safe to do surgery to remove it due to size and location.

Can you follow your doctor to his new place, Melissa?

I am pretty sure it is a children's hospital down there. He was at a children's hospital on certain days and at the Mayo on other days. So probably not. Hopefully it will be someone that was in his group. Still bothers me though.

Sometimes children's hospitals make exceptions and see adults. See if you can contact your doctor and find out what is possible. I hope you don't have to switch.