My Dad

In my inner child mind, I remember my Dad being the best Dad ever, because he died right at the age when you start defying your parents lol. He worked two sometimes three jobs to keep food on the table and keep the ‘toys’ he loved, his boat, his truck, when I was younger a motorcycle. I hardly ever had any one on one time with him, but our mornings were special. He would be getting ready to leave as I woke up to get ready for school and most days I would go out and talk with him, about anything and everything. One thing he promised me once was boys would come and go from my life, but he would NEVER let any of them HURT me. He wasnt big in stature, well to me he was but in reality he was the height I am now about 5’6", but he did take martial arts for a long time and I believe he would have fought to protect me from the pain I am going through now. He knew sticks and stones could break the bones but words could break the heart. HE taught me that. HE taught me to be kind in words even if you didnt want to be. I live by that and I miss him every day. Some days I wish I was the who’d had the anyerism and that he’d lived because he was my Superman, andd until the anyerism hit, he was indesructable. Now he’s gone and all I have is the memories… I MISS YOU DAD!



I know Father’s Day must have been hard on you…I feel the same way on Mother’s Day every year. I’m sending you some big hugs, Jo. XXXX

Jo my parents divorced yaers ago and i love my step dad, we all do ((3 bog bros) but my dad is my dad. its a girl thing! x

Jo…I haven’t been on in forever and just read this blog. I know how you feel. My dad passed away 23 years ago when I was just 16. I still to this day miss him so dreadfully…I was daddy’s little girl and my world revolved around him and when he was gone…I felt like I had died as I didn’t know who I was anymore. I lost all of my friends and pretty much tried to do everything I could to hurt myself emotionally…and didn’t do too great of a job taking care of myself physically either. Then when I was 19, on the brink of divorce…I found out that I was pregnant w/Ashley and my life changed forever for the better. I know sometimes it is hard to go on without the ones we love…but they never truly leave us, they are always in our hearts and looking over us. Your dad will always love you and be proud of you…life is just that…life…you do the best you can…love with your whole heart…even if it hurts…laugh full belly laughs(it’ll hurt later :slight_smile: !) and live life and don’t be too hard on yourself! Take care my friend…I hope all is well with you.
Love Denise