My brothers AVM getting worst

I just wanted to share what my family and I are living these days. It’s quite heartbreaking to see my brother in this state and not being able to help him. Do you guys know if people actually survive from AvMs. He has been through a big surgery in December and doctors said he will get better but now it’s getting worst. He has multi complex AVMs (rural fistula. We already tried so many things things for him. Doctors now gave up on his case. Doctors in my country wouldn’t even look at it. My brother stays at home with mum. He lost so much strength. The pressure comes on his eyes and he doesn’t see properly. He has regular headaches. He can’t read or write. He is losing it. He talks same things two three times. He doesn’t remember things. I feel like am going to lose my brother soon. It really hurts.

Sonia, other members here have some of the symptoms you are describing, such as fatigue, difficulties with memory, vision problems, and headaches. It takes time to heal and recover, and some deficits may be permanent. That does not mean that your brother will not survive; it just means that he has "sequelae" or side effects from the surgery. When you say the doctors have given up his case, are the doctors saying that your brother will not survive? Or are they just saying that they don't have any additional treatments for the side effects?

I'm so sorry to hear what you and your family are going through. I completely understand how hopeless you feel. How old is your brother? In my case, it's my son (18 when his AVM ruptured - he's 20 now). The most definite difficult thing is to watch someone else suffer without being able to do anything. I wish had some advice for you. Positive thoughts to you and your brother.

I will be praying for your brother. I know how it feels. Hang in there.

Praying for your brother and you and your family.