My Brother

Hi everyone!! I saw my brother Peter today, I was helping him out afternoon with his rehab, he is really trying, has a bit more balance ...
He told me he was angry in the morning, and did not want to do rehab, because he got frustrated with the nurses strapping him to the chair... but for his own safety they have too or otherwise he just gets up and falls which has happened 3 times now... I have explained to him that it is for your own good but he forgets..I know it is only early stages, but it is so sad seen him the way he is...

As one who has been there I completely understand his anger. I used to have to strapped in my wheelchair and other chairs, even my bed in the early stages. As I started to walk again I had to have 2 PTs with me at all times on each side of me. When I wanted to get up from my bed even just to go to the bathroom I had to call a nurse to help me. I was fully capable of doing it on my own. Tell your brother that while it is mostly for his protection it is also for the hospital’s. If he were to hurt himself by walking on his own the hospital could be liable. Try to encourage him and tell him it is only temporary. As he gains strength the nurses will ease his restrictions. That is a great reason to do the physical therapy! Best wishes to him and tell him I’m pulling for him.

I have been thinking about your family and your brother a lot. I am glad to have some news... I am so sorry it is so difficult. It is still so early and people make remarkable recoveries! Your brother's strong character will only do him tremendous good in the long run- see it that way :)

We wish him the best of luck and speedy recovery. May God bless him and your family. Keep us posted with updates on his condition.


Hi Trish thanks so much for your comment.. how are you going now Trish.. it is so hard to understand what my brother is going through he is so confused with his life does not remember his home.. thinks he is somewhere else.. or he tells you stories sometimes I think he is dreaming and he thinks it is true..He does reemember his friends and family, so hard ...thanks for sharing ...

Hi dandelionwishes, thanks for you reply, it helps to read as much as I can and the support here is wonderful thanks for caring dandelionwishes .. hugs to you ..

thanks so much Ninibeth, we are a close family which helps us all to be there for one another and I am blessed to have such a wonderful family .. thanks for you reply ..

Hi Adrian thanks for your reply I will be happy to give updates about my brother..and God Bless to you ..

William I'm sure it's very difficult for you and your family. I was very fortunate in that I only lost short term memory. My long term remained intact. I never forgot who my family was. That would have been devastating to my children who were very young at the time. I will tell you that the memory does improve. It takes time. As frustrated as I know you must be...please be patient with your brother. Even as he asks the same questions over and over again. Try not to make him feel stupid for asking. I'm almost 5 years post bleed. My short term memory is much improved but not perfect. I still forget things from time to time. Recovering from a bleed is a very long process. As I've heard so often on this site: It's a marathon not a race. Please keep us updated on his progress.

Oh i thiught the dreaming part just happened to me, i guess its really a stage one must undergo until such time you have come to accept fukky what happened. When i finally accepted what happened to me, the dreams and the hallucinations stopped compketelyand i slept longerat nughts.

Haha I got in trouble in rehab all the time for getting up and falling down. They had to strap me into bed in inpatient every night or they’d find me on floor later. It’s ok. Things get a lot better, it just takes time getting used to not being able to do things like you used to.

Hello mdiam1
thanks for your reply it has been 12 months ago my brother was having rehab and not going anywhere with his walking and short term memory , but would love to share some good news with you all my brother had a Shunt put in and it has made a complete recovery , he is back at work his short term memory come back straight away after the OP, and is driving and looking at buying a caravan soon to do his trips in when he retires...
What a Shunt did for our Brother was a MIRACLE !!! He had his 60th Birthday Party last year in June what a Party it was ...