My bionic arm

Training my myopro and loving the results with and without it on!!

This morning I finally (after almost 5 years) was able to open/close my affected hand. And it’s made me be able to incorporate my affected limb more easily. Again with it on AND off! Highly recommend Myomo!!


Congratulations, it must have taken a lot of hard work to get to this point. Mary

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Hi! Thanks for sharing - I will definitely look into the myomo for my daughter. She is also recovering from an AVM and has lost function of her right hand and has limited function in her right arm. She actually had hand and arm surgery two weeks ago to help release the spasticity, so this device might help her with her rehab/recovery. Have you been using it for five years? Best of luck with your recovery!

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Hi!! No, I havent. I actually just found them on Facebook not so long ago. I applied and my medicare advantage planned approved it right after I tried a demo, got fitted, and had an evaluation to see if I was eligible for it. I think it is God send!! Honestly have improved so much thanks to it. The process to get it approved by your insurance sounds like alot of work but it really isn’t and process goes by so fast :slight_smile: I had lost complete function from the stroke my avm caused. And now it restored my faith that I once had of regaining everything back :mechanical_arm: it’s been 5 years but it feels amazing to start feeling feeling on my left arm/hand again and movement that I control! Thank you!! Best of luck to you daughter as well!!

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