My avm memoir releasing january 2013

hi everyone! just got a january publishing date for my AVM memoir, 'THE DAY MY BRAIN EXPLODED.' it is the absolute first avm memoir of its kind, telling the tale of my avm hemorrhage at age 25 and my survival after.

i would love to have the complete support of my AVM family when the book comes out! will give more updates as we get closer to release date! here is my info about the book as well as myself:

Let me know. I’ve been trying to finish my book I’m writing on my spinal avm stroke. It’s called WHY ME, IM ONLY 23!!! I’ll be waiting. Ur so strong. Take care! Super Jen

Can't wait to read

That is awesome Ashok - congrats!!! You will help so so many thru this memoir and can't wait to read the finished product!!!

thanks for the kind words michele! yes i'm very excited. i was told there has never been an AVM-specific memoir like mine before. there is really a lack of AVM literature out there, and I'm happy to have to have my memoir in bookstores/kindles/nooks eveywhere. we AVM survivors -- and our families and friends -- need the experience told. i will soon be putting up a news/update page on my site, for all new updates. can't wait to shed light on our worlds, and help out my AVM survivor family.

can't wait for you to read it :)

Well done Ashok, look forward to reading reading it. P.s the links on your brain 411 page are really helpful :slight_smile:

thanks gee! glad you like that page, took a while for me to collect those links lol

thank you les!

thanks jenn! that's wonderful you are writing a book. let me know how it progresses. we need more avm literature out there!