My appt yesterday

Ok I am going to try and keep this as POSITIVE as possible:
I drove for THREE HOURS to see this surgeon, all excited, things were finally getting done! then of course, story of my life, let down again they never got the notes from my neuro, who diagnosed me with the avm, just the hospital, who says its a venous angioma, nothing to worry about. So he says, go back to the neuro, get my notes, and see him in another month! I am so fed up with this crap I could scream, and thats not the haf of it, but thats ok, I will do as he says, because I wanted to talk with the neuro anyway and I already have an appointment scheduled and coming up before the end of the month, so again, its a hurry up and wait game, but I will do it will a smile on my face, cuz thats what positive people do :slight_smile:
My luv to you all!

Bunch of Wa*k**s!
3 hours there and 3 hours back totally PANTS!
I am so sprry Jo but stay strongh it’l happen
makes you wonder have these people actually heard of the telephone?

Ya, they knew I was coming, and I called the docs office and requested my records be sent they are a bunch of idiots

It stinks that your neuro screwed up, but I’m proud that you are trying to stay positive!