My app is gone!


Does anyone else use the avm app from the apple store? Mine was acting funny so i deleted it to re install and then when i went back into the app store the link was broken. I was wondering if anyone else had the same thing happen?


oooooo what app ?, Can you tell me the exact name so I can check it out ?. Thanks in advance.

So I found the link to the App on the main page and feel silly for asking without even checking first sorry, I also see that when I try get the app its not there at least not in the UK and diverts me to the US istore and again doesnt find it :( . I was really looking forward to accessing the info on this site via an app :(

Are you referring to the Ben's Friends App? I have it too but it hasn't worked properly (at all) since that first week. I believe it was just in the test stages but I'll see if I can find out more.

hmm, I'm not sure what's going on with the App. My apologies.

I know our developer has been working on it to make it better. But maybe we forgot to renew something with Apple. I will check.


Looks like we forgot to renew our developer account. we just did that so should reappear

Awesome! Thanks Scott!!

Hi Martin,

it looks like the link is back! Try it. I am going to check mine now: yes! up and running. Link below thanks to Scott Orn!

Thanks Scott! Made my day!

Thanks all, Got it :) will be great to have this site on the move :) . Thanks again !