My angiogram today

Well… Looks like the doctors will be having a meeting about me this Thursday to decide the next move? Went into the angio with the doctor telling me hopefully the AVM will be gone. When I came out of anesthesia, they told me they would have a meeting with the team of doctors to discuss my next treatment because there was some kind of shunting going on!!! Doctor or fellow told me there is a chance of a bleed with the shunting going on. Sent me home with a CD of my angiogram and I have no idea what the hell is going on! I wish I could have had Dr. Berenstein come in and explain it to me. Any suggestions?

Our prayers are with you! We know how frustrating it is when you dont get to see the doctor and dont get answers. I would definitely call his office until i spoke to someone about my questions. You shouldnt have to wait. But keep trying! Take care, Liz

Oh Stacey. that is so disappointing. I don’t know what shunting is but maybe someone on here can help you understand that. Have you had a look at the angiogram? Right now you need to rest and take it one step at a time. I agree with Liz, do not be afraid to call and tell them you need to understand this better! They should not have left you in the dark about what is going on like that.

I agree with Joy. You have every right to have your questions answered. Just having the AVM is more than enough to deal with!

hello stacey, good for you!!!, one question, still with bad headaches??,