My Amazing Brain - BBC Horizon

I watched this excellent and very encouraging programme on BBC 2 this evening about Richard Gray, a former U.N. peace keeper and soldier, who had a stroke about 4 or 5 years ago and his recovery, filmed by his wife.

I’m not sure people outside the UK will be able to see the footage of the film itself, due to BBC licencing but as a story of great recovery from what seem awful odds, over 4 years, I hope it gives some of us or our loved ones in our most difficult circumstances good cause to think that recovery can be very good, if very long.

The early images of Richard without his full skull are disturbing but he has a cranioplasty which becomes the beginning of his recovery.

I hope this is useful to share here. Richard did not have an AVM.

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The programme also appears to be here. Whether this is a legitimate posting of the content, I can’t say either way but I think it is a really helpful programme for anyone interested in recovery from a stroke:

modified link: