My aching Limbic System!

Deep within my brain, my Limbic system was safely spared the flood of blood in 2009 guess one part of my brain got the memo on building a good boat! However, all joking aside, as my brain and Life comes back on- line my weary Limbic System is like a raft goingover Niagra Falls! Any one else have an un-medicated emotional roller coaster ride? Possibly, this is a 'chick' problem? i am looking for un-medicated solutions to Limbic adjustments to my post-bleed emotional condition? !! Thanks!

I did the medicated solution for a while and it helped. It also caused me to gain 30lbs. That was worse than the actual anxiety and emotinal issues! Therapy was helpful to me. Reaching out to others here was also very helpful. I saw a big improvement with regular exercise and yoga. I try to do a little yoga at least 3 times a week. It's not for everyone but I love it. Check with your doctor first to make sure it's all fine for you to pursue should you be interested.

Nicole..even though your Limbic System is driving you still have a fantastic sense of humor! I think what Trish does is the best way to un-medicate your emotionally issue. Exercise and Yoga certainly help. There are several Yoga classes on CD that you can do right at home. Stay Strong!

Thanks friends! I will stick wit the humor. And, I do enjoy Yoga...but remember, my Motor Cortex got crushed in the bleed, and i am hemipariegic as a result of my bleed, which sucks all the more. because I played soccer and won a triathalon the year before my bleed, and I am mostly sedentary now, which is Undoubtably m biggest Curse from this diversion!
Cheers anyway,