Muscle Stimulation (ab swift)

So since my cerebellum bleed and AVM diagnosis in Nov '14 I have put on about 3 stone. Mainly because I have not been able to work or walk everywhere like I did and my consultant was never sure about me doing exercise .
I have lost a bit through diet and got a exercise bike, but I still get really tired so can’t do a lot.
I bought an ab swift muscle stimulater that you can use all over your body to tone up a bit, but as usual I am not good with new things as I am always worried.
Has anyone had any experience with them?
Worked or not worked?

Hey, Tilly,

Welcome to the site! I can’t tell you about an abs stimulator!

I see you’ve had an embolisation and just had gamma knife. Have the neurosurgeon indicated how much those have helped to reduce the AVM? I know GK takes some time to have an effect. And is it still after the GK that the consultant is still unsure about the level of exercise you should do?

Just be sensible, I’d say. Don’t worry about getting tired too quickly for your ambition: we need to be sensible and live within the bounds of the new “us”, certainly until the doc says “it’s gone!” (which I hope they will).



Thanks. I have done A LOT of work on pacing and knowing my limits. But it’s hard when I used to do 13 hr shifts as a nurse and was quite active. My consultant at Gamma knife said light exercise was ok. His exact words were "no triathlons"
My embolisation resulted in a stroke and didn’t do anything to cure my AVM. And I won’t know of Gamma Knife has done anything for at least 2 yrs.

Hello - I too had a stroke during my embolism- I did have a massive stroke unrelated to my avm - that stroke actually blew out my left transverse vein and they believe that is what caused my avm to grow.
Anyway I have not used the ab simulator but I did have to have my rt cuff operated on and it was on the same side of the massive stroke and I had to use a device while I did my PT to help wake up the muscles - it really worked when nothing else was working. My PT and doctors all knew about my avm and gave no warnings.

I know it is so hard to get back to our previous strength. I agree listen to your body and only add one new thing so you make sure you are not hurting yourself-

Hi Angela, I hope this finds you doing well. What kind of device were you referring to? Has it helped muscle weakness?

All the best, Lyla

its like a tens unit but its called an EMS unit and you can often find a combo unit- you use it while doing pt to help wake up the muscles.