Muscle Pain

Hey all, It has been nearly 6 months since my op and I was just wondering if any one has had trouble with pain in your body after having a craini. I have been having pain that is limiting what I can do, mostly in the shoulders and arms, not just on my weaker side but both sides. It is a consent pain and worse if I try to stretch to much or put my arms up or behind my back or side ways or any where really. Not sleeping very well because lying down it is hard to find a spot that will not hurt. I know that you can get pains in your lower back and leg because of the fluid leaking duing the operation, but just not sure if I should still have that and if the pains in my shoulders and arms are normal or not.
I was having physio, but did not help, at the moment I am having pressure points done and it is helping more than physio did but is not going away just gets a bit less for a few days then comes back full on; would appreciate it if any one can help

Thanks heaps guys as always

Kia Kaha


Hi kind of know what u r going thru. I am 7 mo. post op and i to am haviving pain issues but mostly at the surgical site. some of ot os sca pain but i am getting a lot of burning in my head, sharp pains, and sever pain behind my ears and continue to get head aches some of this i had before the surgery. but since the surgery it has now intensified. I don't sleep much any more. My nuero doc gave me some meds at noc to help me sleep but I would still wake up but i would just be to groogy to get out of bed. So now i am being refered to a pain specialist to see if it will help. maybe that it is something you need to look into. I don't want to be doped up. But I have been living with pain in my head for 4 years now and would like for it to go away. or atleast for it to be tolerable. So maybe a pain specialist would help you Im hoping it will help me! Im getting to the as long as the seizures are controlled pain is just something I will have to live with. But i just dont want to live that way. Im exhausted all the time!! Hope things get better !!

I had a crani the first week of July--for my aneurysms, not my AVM. I was back taking dance classes 4 weeks later, so no body pain. I had been having trouble sleeping-but that was more from school stress than the crani. I was having migraine problems in September, so my neurosurgeon referred me to a neurologist. When I saw her last month, she had me start taking nortriptylene & practice what she calls "good sleep hygiene." So..taking my meds, doing my best to have the computer & tv off an hour before bed time has seemed to help me sleep better & had reduced the frequency & intensity of regular headaches & migraines.