Sorry. Here’s the real question. My daughter has already had a massive bleed from a ruptured AVM that required an emergency craniotomy. Daughter has needed two subsequent craniotomies to resect remaining pieces of the original AVM. My daughter has been having troubles with many headaches, decreasing upper body strength, decreasing endurance and less tolerance for frustration. She’s also lost half her vision since December. No one knows why or seems to be worried about it. Neuro ophthalmologist ordered MRI, which was reviewed and deemed clear by two neurosurgeons. My big question … Is there anything an MRI might not catch that could be causing all this??

I know the cerebral angio is the gold standard, but I can’t convince anybody here that it is necessary.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

– Tina

Hi Tina. I wish I could answer your question but I cannot. Your young daughter has been thru more than most adults can handle. If she has less tolerance for frustration…I am not surprised. Please know that the both of you are on my prayer list!