Mri with contrast results are in!

Here it is?? The swelling seems to be gone!!! thats good news,When I asked why It happened his answer,,stress in my life.!!! I find that answer hard to believe,yes I have stress,but I dont know if it could cause swelling,I am making a copy to send out to Gaineville Fl ,this is where I had my gamma radiation to review both with and without mir cd's ok the avm is still around 3cm at 3 years, he says I have nothing to worry about because alll of the feeders but one have stut down from what the last mri shows,yes its still active but is shtting down. He says the avm itseft will most likely just stay???and the feeders will just die off,is this what is to happen.I dont know,I was told years ago and avm itself gets smaller, so I dont know,from his report today..all is good and nothing to worry about!!! but for me im just going to send it to my other doc just to get a final answer on the avm itself ,im happy the veins are not feeding it,but why is the avm still there,it started off 3,2 cm and noe 3cm three years later..but im happy for the godd news,Ill take it as good news:)))))))

Heck yeah GOOD NEWS!!! Stress wreaks havoc on your body so I can see it causing swelling, but it is a very good idea to have another doc look at it. Prayers for continued shrinking!

Good idea, Caroline to get the second opinion. Sometimes I wonder if these doctors tell us what we want to hear?? When my son was told last summer that the Gamma had caused shrinkage in his AVM, neither of us got too excited. But when our second and favourite doctor had a look at his MRI and told us (with considerable excitement!) that it was shrinking, we were like YAHOO!
I would not agree that brain swelling was from stress…brain swelling is from the radiation and the by-product produced from the AVM changing, but whatever! At least the swelling is gone! Good for you. Live healthy and hopefully your body will take care of the rest! Congrats.

Caroline you know I spend too much time on fb to check in anywhere else and follow my fellow AVMers stories… sorry about that hun, but I’m a lazy old fart :confused:
My AVM looks a lot smaller after 2 embo’s, and I think that after the 3rd in September we can seriously start thinking of getting rid of it. Thing is, I never get to see my doctor except in the recovery room when I’m still half asleep, and apart from that I only see the assistant. Which is not very often. Getting valuable information is sometimes difficult, especially if you don’t get any paperwork to document your progress.

Hi Caroline,

I agree that you should get another opinion and hope that opinion is also positive.

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Hello! Don’t ever forget that only you know how it feels in your head! It is a great idea to get a second opinion. I wish you the best of luck with the other one also!

Hey Caroline, it sounds like good news, swelling is gone.
We have to check these doctors, you are doing the right thing to get the second opinion.

Stress, since I had the two strokes, I feel burning in my head when I get stressed, I never felt it
before, but I feel it now. I never liked stress, but I can actually feel the burning now when stress comes my way.
I’ve gotten rid of most stress, people and things lol