MRI vs angiogram

My boy had a resection and avm removal in February. We are blessed that he is doing well now, back to work and to his life. He is scheduled for an angiogram in September, 6 months after surgery. Doc says he will have one then, a year from then, and a year after that. MRI in March was clear. My question is about those angiograms. Read that some docs use MRIs instead at those checkpoints. I will ask doctor about that, but would like to get feedback on the angiogram or the alternate,MRI.

Now, I’m no doctor, but angiograms every 6 months after already having a clear MRI sounds like overkill to me. I had three angiograms prior to my surgery as well as countless MRIs, but never had an angiogram after my surgery. I had an MRI a month or so after, then again a few month later, then at 6 months, a year, a year later, then the neurologist said that he didn’t feel I’d need to see him anymore unless I had some type of symptom that led him to beleive that I may be having trouble.

I can understand multiple MRIs after surgery and naybe ONE angiogram, but I would certainly ask for details as to why the doctor wants so many. Are you 100% sure that the doc said “angiogram” and not “angiography”?

Thanks for the feedback. Son’s MRI 6 weeks after surgery was clear and I question the angiogram if MRI can provide requisite information. The first angiogram is scheduled for Sept., 7 months after the surgery (Feb-Sept) and then once a year for the next two years. I am going to have good talk with physician over the issue as MRI seems acceptable and certainly least invasive. Thanks again.

I do know I’ve heard that the only true diagnostic test for an AVM is with an angiogram but I do appreciate your concern with your son having so many when there is a risk associated with each one done. And you’re sure he’s not referring to an MRA with dye injected in the arm? rather than the full angiogram?
Let us know what the doctor says, if you don’t mind.

there really is no reason reason to have an angogram done every year post surgery…as others have already mentioned it carries risks …there is a 5%risk of a stroke eack time you have an angiogram …i have only ever had 2 one when i was first diagnoised and one the night of surgery to ensure the surgeon had removed all the avm since then i have only had mris and mras…my surgeon and nuero believe these test are enough to pick up if the avm was to regrow or other problem were to occur…angiograms seems to be putting yourself at risk of a stroke for no reason if you ask me…definatley talk it over with the doc…let us know what he says

I appreciate all the responses and I see that my thinking is correct, or at least the concern is. I am certainly going to explore with the doctor and clarify all that you have pointed out.