Mri scan - in the uk

I need to get hold of a copy of my mri scan so I can seek opinions from specialists in regards of my secondary condition that had been caused by my avm. I’m going to ring my hospital tomorrow to ask if I can have a copy but wondered if anyone from the uk has already managed to get a copy of their own or maybe it cannot be released to me? Any experience of this or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Williamsmummy4
MY Neurosurgeon Is In London Hospital. And I Ask Him If I Could Have Copy’s Of All My Scans MRI, CT And He Was Happy To Do So All My Scans Were Put On To A CD.
So You Have Them To Show Has Many Specialist Has You Wish.

Good Luck
Thinking Of You

Hi As far as I'm aware they will give you the scan results if you ask for them but you may be asked to do it via a letter (in writing) but either way I think you will be ok and able to get them, Please let us know how this goes :). Good luck. Thanks