MRI scan 6 months after CK treatment

I had a MRI scan today six months after my CK treatment in April this year. My neurosurgeon was upbeat about the result. He explained and showed how my AVM was slightly reduced. Its really good news as it means the CK treatment is working. He suggested a follow up scan in 12 months but my wife Nicky was keen on a scan in 6 months. We need positive feedback to keep us going. This is good news to share.

This is an excellent news Sean. Congratulations for a good start and hopefully the next scan will bring even better results. Good Luck.

Thanks Kirti - how are you doing yourself. I see you are up late so that is a good sign you still have your energy levels.

That is good news!! Keep believing!!

Thanks for the warm support Diane and Ninibeth

Yay…and someday soon you can write the word obliterated on your profile!

Excellent news Sean; good on you Nicky to have a 6th month check!! All the very best to you both.!