MRI Results

Well the doctor was able to convince the insurance company of the need for the MRI so a couple weeks ago I meandered over to have the MRI. Since we needed to images with contrast the poor nurse had to try to find a vein to setup an IV. Holy Cow, what a freaking pain, literally.

I know that the nurses do their best not to hurt a patient, but when I tell you I'm hard stick I'm not exaggerating. Good thing the MRI is done lying down 'cause I'm damn sure I would have passed out after that stick.

Got to read the test results today and there's so much doctor speak in there I don't understand it. I've got a call into the surgeon's office to get them to explain it to me. In the mean time I'm trying to look things up on Google which surprisingly hasn't been all that helpful. I'm trying to be patient while I wait for the results but man, I just want to know now.

All in all, life is good for me. I'm still dealing with headaches, the glasses didn't make a difference (bummer) but I've got a very supportive husband that's been super supportive. I've also noticed my short term memory isn't what it use to be, but that's why post its were invented right?

Got to speak to Dr. Z’s PA and everything is normal no signs that there’s any AVM left. As far as the headaches it’s a wait and see which is irritating as hell but it is what it is.