MRI/MRA vs Angiogram

Is it normal procedure to have a MRI/MRA follow up right before angiogram follow up? I would think the angiogram would be the most in depth view and the MRI/MRA pointless. Am I missing something?

That's a really good question...the angiogram should be a higher standard. Maybe, since you'll probably have MRI/MRA followups in the future, they're getting a baseline MRI/MRA for later comparison. If that's the case, right after having a clean angio is the perfect time to get your baseline MRI/MRA images. I'm just guessing, though; double-check with the doc and let us know!

My current doctors don't appreciate my questions. I have had several MRI/MRA already, one within the last month. I am still fighting for information and waiting on return calls. Would help if doctors would speak to me directly. Playing telephone with their receptionist is exhausting!