MRI after one year

My dearest friends. As some of you might know last week we travelled to Belo Horizonte for Daniel´s first year MRI after second surgery. It was a 10-hour drive. We came back yesterday.

He did an angio MRI without dye (thank God). All can I say, with my poor English, is that Dr Atos was very pleased with the results. He said there are no even suspicious “bad veins” , they are all very closed.
We were expecting to do a MRI every year for five years but because of the excellent results he said we just need to come back in 2014!! It will be five years of peace!

But he also said he will need MRIs for the rest of his life because the avm happened in his childhood.
He said that in adults case is different.

I wonder what other doctors think. I would like very much to hear other opinions.

I am very happy and relieved.
Lots of love to all.

Erica that is fantastic news I am so pleased for our wee pirate, but by going from the latest pics our Daniel is turning into a fine young man. I am so pleased I will continue to pray for your good fortune. Love and Best Wishes ((((HUGS)))) to Daniel and everyone in the family xoxox

Great news Erica! I’m sure you were all very nervous about the results and that 10 hour drive must have left you with just too much time to worry! :slight_smile: But what a wonderful outcome and so great that Daniel has 5 years to not worry about this.
I’ve heard too that they monitor people who had the AVM become active/aware during childhood more than adults. Although I don’t remember where I heard it or from who. I do think that is the case though. Try searching the forum or maybe ask the parent group. I bet Soniya Mundy or Kim (Jaclyn’s mom) knows the answer to that!

What wonderful news, Erica! Give Daniel a hug from us!

Thank you all so much. You know how important this community has been to my family. Love you all.


That is tremendous news. Both you and Daniel take care.