MRI after AVM surgery

Has anyone had an MRI anytime after their surgery? I am having an unrelated problem with a knee and my orthopedic doctor would like to do an MRI of it. He said a CT scan would not show anything clear enough. My neurosurgeon is retired and I contacted my neurologist. He is trying to find out if the clip(s) used are MRI compatible. The surgey was back in 1977 and according to my neurologist MRIs came about in the 1980s. My surgical report just refers to a "silver clip." I have looked at many sites and only found one referencing a "silver clip" which states it is MRI compatible. Do you think it is worth the risk?


Hi Connie,
Do you have your surgery reports from 77, or have access to them???
If your retired neurosurgeon has assocs., they ?may? be able to answer this.
If not, possibly??? contact a top neuroradiologist w/ LOTS of experience for an opinion.
Best wishes,