MRI!- 1 year post-Gamma Knife treatment

Today was my MRI for the 1 year post-gk visit. We are scheduled to meet my neurosurgeon, Dr S. Ghattan next week Tuesday, May 8th. The MRI went pretty much uneventful- I dosed and even slept once for a 10-minute stretch! The only problem was a dull headache throughout, and by the time we were 1/2 way through, (about 20 minutes into the exam,) I had an extreme headache in the left side- where my AVM is located. This pain continued for the rest of the MRI, though it quickly went back to the less painful ever-present ache about 5 minutes after I left the exam room. I'm assuming the pain was from the loud noise of the MRI machinery.
Next stop- we'll hear what Dr Ghattan has to say about the results, and what we're up to. counting down the days!