Moving "Sign Out" link

I have problems with the location of the sign out link. I go to hit "Inbox" or any of the other links in the column and I accidentally hit the "Sign Out" link. I even attempt to be careful but shaky hands can be a problem.

I have done it, too, tdz, even without the shaky hands, and it is annoying. I am very bad at remembering my passwords; somehow my memory just refuses to see that as important data. :)

I will see if there can be a change to this, but it will take time. We have wonderful tech volunteers, but there are very few of them, and so much to do!

don't even get me started on passwords! lol

Lack of ability to remember passwords in the reason I never sign out of this site anyway.

Tdz, apparently the "Sign Out" position is not fixable until we convert to a newer Ning layout, but the conversion is coming, and our technical volunteers are now aware of this issue and can make the change when we convert. Thanks for the feedback!


Great, now people are going to think I'm a troublemaker ... lol

Not a bit, tdz. It's called being "an active participant in the community." :)